Our ways to say thank you

Our customer Rewards Programme allows you to earn Bubble Points each time you shop with us.
You can also earn a discount voucher each time you refer a friend to us! 

Create a free account

To be able to collect Bubble Points, you need to have an account with us. Simply click on the green tag icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to sign up, create your free account, and access your benefits.
Already created an account with us during a checkout? That means you are collecting Bubble Points already!

Ways to earn

Once you have signed up, you will earn Bubble Points with each purchase you make from our store, as well as being able to earn Bubble Points by leaving product reviews and following us on social media. You can also enter your date of birth to receive Bubble Points every year on your birthday! 

  • Sign Up

    100 Bubble Points

  • Place an Order

    5 Bubble Points / £1 spent

  • Product Review

    200 Bubble Points

  • Follow on Instagram

    100 Bubble Points

  • Like on Facebook

    100 Bubble Points

  • Celebrate Birthday

    100 Bubble Points

Ways to redeem

You can use your Bubble Points to get money off your next purchase or receive a free bar of soap! Log in and click on the green tag icon to keep track of how many points you have, and to see how you can redeem them. 

  • 10% Off Coupon

    500 Bubble Points

  • 15% Off Coupon

    1000 Bubble Points

  • £10 Coupon

    1500 Bubble Points

Refer a friend

Give your friends a £5 discount and claim your own £5 discount when they make a purchase.

Click on the green tag pop up icon at the left bottom of the screen once signed in, and share your unique URL with your friends, via text or email.