Chalke Valley Soaps is a small family-run business offering 100% natural handmade botanical soaps, clean skincare and eco-friendly accessories. We are dedicated to crafting high-quality, healthy products that captivate our customers' hearts, whether as a personal indulgence or an eco-conscious luxury gift. We are passionate about looking after our beautiful planet and take pride in creating sustainable, zero-waste products, delivered in plastic-free packaging. Our workshop is located in the most beautiful countryside within the Chalke Valley, Wiltshire.


Our unique, high superfatted formula is a lush combination of nature's finest nourishing ingredients. Each soap in our range delivers a luxurious velvety lather that leaves your skin feeling deeply hydrated. Our products are scented with delicate essential oils and coloured with natural clays. Our recipes include locally grown herbs and hand-processed organic fruit peels to elevate the sensory experience. With the exception of the Honey Meadow soap, all our products are suitable for vegans.

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches utilising the traditional cold-process method, enhanced with modern eco-conscious adaptations. This beautiful craft requires comprehensive preparation and a curing duration of 4-6 weeks, ensuring the premium quality and efficacy of our botanical ingredients.

Using carefully selected clean ingredients, we formulate aromatic and soothing bath salts and botanical bath oils. Our unique blends are not only relaxing but also truly beneficial for the skin, consistently earning high marks from our customers.

100% Goodness. 0% Nasties. Always.


  • Soap maker


    Founder, formulator, soap-maker, photographer, coach, teacher, social media and marketing manager, creative and graphic designer, sales manager... Wow... did I miss something?

  • Petra

    Petra's wrapping elevates soap bars into art, and her innovative design ideas enhance packaging and more. Her contributions extend beyond aesthetics, making her a cherished presence in our dynamic studio environment.

  • Kelly

    Our all-round studio assistant who's always up for helping out when we need a hand. With Kelly by our side, we can meet deadlines in the busiest periods too! She loves long dog walks and has a serious dislike for chocolate.

  • Max

    A true master of precision in cutting, stamping, and even reaching the highest shelves. Notably, he's equally skilled at voicing his opinions when assigned tasks he's not too fond of. #teenagerlife

  • Felix

    Always ready to tackle small tasks, usually sandwiched between reading sessions (or let's be honest, tablet marathons). But, when duty calls, his favourite task emerges: the role of mini soap placement into adorable cotton bags 😄

  • Workshop buddy


    Our beloved co-worker and undisputed task supervisor. The studio's ambiance would be incomplete without the comforting symphony of her all-day snoozing.