How did I fight off my acne forever

How did I fight off my acne forever

I had very bad skin ever since I was a teenager. Breakout after breakout, no matter how carefully I have looked after myself. As I got older, these have mostly gone, but I had closed comedones left mainly around my jawline, chin and cheek area, that often ended up inflamed. 

In my twenties, I went to see different specialists, who had several promising treatments, including long repeated ones. I had many different machines used on my face and I have tried hundreds of “amazing” products (that often cost a lot of money). 

I also tried many diets for a healthier gut & skin combo, some helped a little, but nothing significant changed. 

In my 30s I was tired of it all, it felt like a never-ending struggle. I was just one poor girl desperately trying to fix her complexion. 

I was 37 when I started using all-natural soaps and after a few weeks, I noticed less spots on my face. The improvement was slow, but it finally happened!!!!

When I accidentally bumped into Le'onde Skincare, I got really excited. Combining my all-natural soap with another natural skincare felt just right and 
I couldn’t wait to try their products. 
I needed a good, gentle tonic and great moisturiser and their serum was just an extra at this point. 

As soon as I tried these products, it felt like WOW! The natural scents were absolutely mesmerising and the feeling was just perfect. Non-greasy, absorbing super quickly, leaving my skin smooth and radiant.
And actually, the serum became my favourite of all!

Using just this trio with my soap helped me to finally reach my skin goals. These products have given me the chance to include a balanced treatment in my daily skin routine, and fight off acne forever.

My pores are smaller, my face feels clean and smooth with no blackheads or awful closed comedones that gave my skin that rough feel before…
This whole thing also taught me to see things slightly differently… it’s not always the expensive stuff that is actually the good stuff…

does my evening treatment routine look like?

❶ I wash my face very well with Onyx soap, using my hand or the Exfoliating Soap Pouch. I like to exfoliate to remove dead skin at least once a week. If I have make-up on, then I repeat the wash to make sure everything was removed perfectly. I don’t use any makeup remover.

❷ I use 2 pumps of the Rose Aloe Toner and massage it all over my face.

❸ I add 4-5 drops of the Marula Oil Face Serum to my hand, rub it between my palms to even it out and then massage it into the skin. 

❹ I use one pump of the Rejuvenating Night Cream and massage it over too.
While my skin is still wet, I use the back of my fingers to deep massage the jawlines, neck and cheeks. I have to be quick because it all absorbs quickly into my skin.

In the morning
I do exactly the same routine just without the night cream. The serum is perfect enough, balancing and hydrating my skin beautifully, making it ready for my daily make-up!

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