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Luxurious, handmade shampoo bars, crafted in artisanal small batches through the traditional cold-process technique. Our gentle yet potent formula is brimming with premium, dog-safe ingredients that not only cleanse but also pamper your furry friend's skin.

We take our eco-conscious values seriously, steering clear of palm oil, synthetic fragrances, colourants, and any toxic or harmful chemicals.

Your pup deserves nothing but the best, and that's what we aim to provide.

Luxury Gift Box (large) by Chalke Valley Soaps


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Gift Box preparation by Chalke Valley Soaps

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Perfect Gift Delivery

At Chalke Valley Soaps, we prioritise the environment and your satisfaction. That's why all our gift boxes are carefully prepared in compostable packaging such as cornstarch noodles alongside with other natural materials. Not only does it protect your beautiful gift box during transportation, but it also minimises waste without polluting the planet.