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The Simple Business Path (eBook)

The Simple Business Path (eBook)

15 total reviews

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Let's tail your small business on the right path

The ultimate kickstarter for product-based small brands to prepare and run a successful business, sell products and stay competitive. 

It is a complete information & resources pack I wish I have known when I started my own business!

What is this book about?

This is a honest, informal and easy to read eBook to help you find the right path for growth and prepare your business for success. I’m sharing years of experience on how I started a small business, whilst developing and improving it. Straight to the point without unnecessary “page-filler nonsense”.

I’m sharing the elementary pillars of my small sustainable business, combined with easy-to-follow advice to help your brand shine. My book is full of helpful tips and useful resources so you can skip years of trials, errors and costly mistakes while running your small product-based business.

Are you a product-based starting-out business owner with lots of questions, wanting to find out how to grow?Then this book is for you! 


The Simple Business Path
15 elementary pillars of my product-based brand; a simple structure for small businesses.

  • The product
  • Business ethos
  • Dream customer
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Business essentials
  • Photography
  • Pricing 
  • Selling
  • Wholesales
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Strategy


    • BONUS #1 - Sustainable swaps in packaging
    • BONUS #2 - Resources
    • Discount codes from partners & suppliers
    • Software and App recommendations
    • Lots of useful tips and advice

    "This book will help to take your small product-based business to the next level!"


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    I can't believe how much meaningful content was shared!

    Wow. I just finished your Ebook and the Masterclass book and I really can't believe how much meaningful content was shared! I have a brick and mortar shop and an online biz (@The_Releafery) that I started 2.5 years ago with absolutely no plan, and I'm realizing now that I'm lucky I've made it as far as I have!

    Your book gave me such a structured and positioned outlook for the future. I make several products that I sell, and I have recently decided to rebrand the products I make, and start a new IG- @Twotreesoaps. Scary! But the clear and concise plan you laid out in both books has made it seem attainable to develop a thriving business.

    I have no criticisms.. it's well laid out, super informative, and the suggestions are very clear and direct. Worth every penny! Thank you so very much for sharing all of your insightful experience!!

    Peace, love, and soap,

    Your ebook was the crown jewel

    I’m Sofia from Mexico City and began making cold pressed soaps a year ago. After a lot of classes, reading and making mistakes I found my formula and began making soaps and giving them to family and friends.
    Everything started because I have an orchard where I grow a lot of things and I wanted to share a piece of it. A lot of ingredients come from the plants in it. My friends started telling me: you should sell your soaps, you should! So I created the brand, started looking for sustainable products for packing and branding( Not that easy here), making numbers, looking everywhere for ideas.
    My brand name is TomilloIRomero (it is Thyme and Rosemary) I almost have everything to go. I’m still struggling with the labels but I hope to have them soon.

    Long story short, I stumbled with your IG account and was an instant wow moment. Everything I wanted and looked after was there. But your ebook was the crown jewel THANK YOU!!
    It has helped me to organize my ideas, see more clearly. I know that have a long way to go but I’ll try to follow every step in it and all your IG tips, everything is so great!
    I will start selling in october, let’s see how it goes if it does not work, everybody will have lovely, cute and so good soaps for gifts all year long 😂!

    Thank you thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! You are definitely my soap business role model!
    - Sofia

    Highly recommended!

    I loved these 2 e-books and highly recommend them! Easy to read and understand! I got so much useful information! So excited to start and follow all your tips! Thank you so much ☺️

    Great read, done so well!

    Wanted to leave a review as I purchased your ebook and it was done so well! The writing and photos make it a great read. Seeing your business and following grow is amazing. As a fellow soaper, we have a few mutual accounts we both follow and it's interesting to see some of their Instagram feeds changing slowly... almost looking like they picked up some or all of your tips and tricks with their style of soaps, to photography, to posting habits!

    Great job!

    Eric from Kingsmay

    Kim Fidden
    I was blown away!

    Dear Helga,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Instram Masterclass and This is how Businesses are Made. They are both filled with so many gold pieces if information. The bonus's of sharing where you source products down to the photography editing settings, I was blown away!
    I love your Instagram, it makes people feel like we are great mates.
    Good luck in your journey.