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Simple-Luxe Soap Base Recipe - For All Skin Types

Simple-Luxe Soap Base Recipe - For All Skin Types

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"Helga's favourite soap base" 

Are you dreaming of a one-base soap range, with the perfect formula to use with each variant? Well... your dream is about to come true! With this recipe, you will have access to our founder's favourite soap base, the vegan and entirely palm oil free recipe that works perfectly with any additives. 

Why is this recipe so special?

FREE Bonus Included:

Our Complete Guide to Lye Safety and Handling is enclosed as a free gift with this book! (worth £9.99)
Two additional variants: Perfect your base with two wonderful variants of pure essential oil blends and clays to create your customers' new favourites - Included in this recipe book.
Satisfying any needs: This recipe is 100% vegan, palm oil free and nut oil free for those with serious allergies and eco-conscious preferences.
Customisable: Add your own touch by incorporating your favourite or functional ingredients.
Expert tips and techniques: Benefit from a wealth of advice and learn new pieces of super useful tips.
Professionally backed up: Reviewed and advised by our chartered chemist, ensuring you receive the most accurate and detailed information possible.
Our treasured resources: Access invaluable information on sourcing, providing the tools for all your needs.
Exclusive discounts: Unique codes are enclosed in this recipe book for a special access to our other digital products.

"The only base you need!" - Melissa


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