Chalke Valley Soaps vs. Sustainability

Chalke Valley Soaps vs. Sustainability


We are passionate about looking after our precious planet and take pride in creating 100% clean, toxin-free products, that are also zero-waste. 

Most things we use in our workshop are made
from recycled materials and are either recyclable or home-compostable; this includes stickers, labels, tissues, wrapping papers, printing paper, stationery, cards, paper tapes, bags, packaging and void filling.

We like to work with like-minded suppliers to reduce pollution and doing our part in taking care of the environment. We re-use whatever packaging we can in wholesale
orders, making our process even more sustainable.

Did you know, you can help reduce single-use plastic waste by using soap bars instead of bottled hand wash and shower gels? Single-use plastics cause so much damage to our lives, homes, planet and health.

Everything in our shop, including soaps, bath salts and even accessories, has been designed to be plastic-free, toxin-free and zero-waste, shipped 100% eco-friendly materials.

We hope to influence more businesses, no matter how big or small to reduce their plastic use and swap to more eco-friendly alternatives. We can do this! Let's stop poisoning the Planet Earth #gozerowaste
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