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Chalke Valley Soaps

Private In-Person Soap Making Workshop

Private In-Person Soap Making Workshop

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SOLD OUT for June/July!

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Spend a day in the Chalke Valley Soaps studio and get Helga’s full attention while you’re making dreamy botanical soap together!

Helga's passion to help aspiring soap makers who want to learn more about creating natural soap bars by providing professional guidance and hands-on coaching. This includes support with formulating, essential oil blending, natural colouring, troubleshooting and so much more.

Through this highly customised support, Helga will empower you not only to create exceptional handmade soaps but also to flourish on your creative soaping journey.

"I'm so happy that I could do this soap workshop! Helga is an amazing and excellent mentor. She teaches you all the tricks and it works so motivating and inspiring. Everything is so well organized, you feel more than welcome there." - Nele

Every coaching session is tailored to suit each student, ensuring an outstanding experience. Upon booking, you'll receive a questionnaire to personalise your unique day, providing you with all the essential information you'll need for a fulfilling session in the studio.

A typical coaching day in the studio looks like:

Morning (approx 2-3 hours)
- Reviewing your questions to guide our discussion
- Cutting and stamping of a large batch of soap
- Preparing the moulds for the pour
- Chat and notes (you can ask anything)

Midday (approx 1 hour)
 - Lunch and coffee break - food is provided.

Afternoon (approx 2-3 hours)
- Preparations for soap-making

- Formulating & EO blending
- Making soap, including blending, pouring, texturing and decorating
- Labelling/order prep/gift box making
- Lots of chat (learning and laughter)

“On the day, I'll share all my tips and spill the beans on my soap secrets! Ask away and take as many notes as you like - I'm here to make your session the best and most valuable day of your soapy journey!" - Helga 

BONUSES - All the awesome inclusive!

- Simple homemade lunch & drinks
- Certificate of completing the course
- Chalke Valley Soaps gift box for you to take home
- 50% Discount on my eBooks


Free 30 days support included! We’ll stay in touch via WhatsApp so you can ask any questions to be 100% confident with what you have learned!


  • You have gaps in your knowledge of natural soap making that you want to fill in.
  • You want to see and learn our exact way and techniques.
  • You want invaluable tips and advice to make the best product and grow your own soap business.
  • You are ready to take your skills to the next level.
  • You are a beginner and want to learn the basics plus more to grow.
We’ve got you covered!


This is an in-person soap-making course hosted right here in the vibrant Chalke Valley Soaps Studio, located in Bishopstone, Wiltshire, UK (SP5 4DB).

If you're coming from a distance, you might choose to make it a ‘staycation’, exploring the beautiful area around. For those interested in spending the night, we can recommend local B&Bs that will enhance your experience.

Upon securing your spot for this exclusive private course, we'll coordinate to find a mutually suitable date within the next 6 months.

To streamline the process, we'll send over essential documents including an agreement and a questionnaire. We kindly request that you complete and return these documents within 10 working days from the date of your purchase. This ensures everything is set for your unique soap-making journey. Let the creativity flow! 

MAKE IT A WEEKEND AWAY - Places and attractions we love in the area:

- Salisbury town (10 minutes drive from us)
- Salisbury Cathedral 
- Stonehenge (about 30 minutes away from us)
- Wilton House & Garden (10 minutes drive from us)
- Chalke Valley (we are right in the centre of it)

Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing this course!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
LLB Cotterill
An excellent experience

I have just spent a day with the amazingly talented Helga making two of her lovely soaps and I'm so glad I did. I had been looking for a workshop and found her 1-2-1 class, having seen several other classes online I chose Helga because you can really tell this is something she is passionate about. Helga taught me everything I will need to get started with making soap myself and helped me to write a recipe to work from. If you are a beginner or looking to enhance your knowledge I can not recommend her highly enough, not only is she an exceptionally gifted soap maker who truly loves the process but she wants share her knowledge and help people succeed. Thank you so much x

What an experience!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute; working with Helga was a dream! She taught me everything I wanted to know about soap, bath salts, and even product photography. I feel fully prepared for my entrepreneurial journey, filled with motivation and positivity. Thank you, Helga, for being so kind, helpful, and even funny! We shared lots of laughter and jokes throughout the day.
Love, Bella from Scotland

An Incredible Experience!

I had been a big fan of Helga's since deciding at the start of the year I wanted to start making my own soap, I would watch her reels and see her passion and creativity shine through and it truly inspired me. When it was an option to attend a workshop it was a no brainer, it was like a dream come true! From the moment my husband and I walked in, we felt as though we had known Helga for years. She made us feel so comfortable and at home and as beginners no question was too sily or basic for her to answer. We had a really magical day cutting and stamping some pre-made soap and then had a go at making our own. Throughout each step I had my notebook to hand and Helga offered up vital information, tips and tricks and made sure I noted it all down so I wouldn't forget anything. The Chalke Valley Soaps workshop is just as beautiful as it looks on their Instagram page and getting to experience it first hand is something I will never forget. Helga's knowledge is second to none and there is nobody else I would have rather had a 1-2-1 lesson with, she really is a master of her craft. We were welcomed into her beautiful home nearby and had homemade lunch and refreshments which was a great touch. All in all this workshop was definitely money well spent. If you are a beginner like I was or a seasoned soap maker, there will be something to gain at any level I think. Thank you so much Helga, you continue to inspire me and I can only hope that oen day I will be as good a soapmaker as you xx

A dream has begun!

After years of admiring Helga's work, creative brain and her beautiful workshop via Instagram, I got enough courage to book a workshop. I have no experience with soap making, but I just wanted to learn from Helga!

I had a fantastic day!! The workplace is really beautiful, well organized and a dream to work in!

Helga is very sweet, happy, passionate and professional! She taught me all the basic skills involved in starting a soap business. I was allowed to ask all the questions I had, we went through the entire process together and I learned a lot of theory. Helga has encouraged me to further develop myself in the soap industry!

I went home with a lot of confidence and will continue to develop my soap skills.

A dream has begun...

I recommend everyone to follow this workshop! I recommend everyone to follow this workshop with Helga. It is very personal and is completely adapted to your own needs.

Thank you Helga, I will definitely come back for a second time!

Juliette from the Netherlands

Amanda & Lidia
We can't express enough how grateful we are for this wonderful experience!

We recently attended the botanical soap-making course and it was an absolutely incredible experience. As complete beginners, we were keen to learn how to create natural soap bars for our family and friends, with the added benefits of reducing costs and being environmentally conscious by avoiding bottled gels.

The atmosphere at the workshop was nothing short of amazing. Helga, our mentor made us feel right at home with her warm and inviting personality. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, but she had a wonderful sense of humor that kept us engaged and excited about the process.

Helga walked us through the soap-making journey step by step, ensuring we understood each stage and emphasizing the importance of every detail. We were thrilled by the opportunity to get hands-on experience and create our own stunning soap bars. The whole process was both educational and fun!

We left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated, armed with the skills and knowledge to embark on our own soap-making adventures at home. The course has not only empowered us to craft beautiful, natural soap bars but has also deepened our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

We can't express enough how grateful we are for this wonderful experience. We highly recommend this course to anyone interested in soap-making.

Thank you, Helga, for such an enriching and enjoyable day. We can't wait to create our first batch of soap at home!

- Amanda & Lidia